6 Projects that rocked our Developer Challenge to Scale DeFi using Amberdata.io Defi on Medium

The past month of March, in collaboration with OneMillionDevs, Amberdata.io has been running an online hackathon to build applications using digital assets and blockchain data.


We love our community. We want to reward developers building cutting edge software and keep innovation thriving.

In case you missed it, here’s the full article:

These projects deserve a spotlight as they built software that pushes the boundaries and use cases. As you read about each project, we would love if you could tweet or mention them and say Thank you! with us! Each project has their links available if you want to keep up with them.

Challenge Accepted!

Let’s dig into the projects →

Amberdata-IoT with Node-Red

There is still a missing link between Blockchains and traditional Systems. We’ve developed an Application to fill this gap (https://vitrago.net). In order to process Blockchain Transaction Data from various Blockchains, it’s pretty complex as every Blockchain got it’s own way to communicate with. We invested a lot of time to implement these interfaces before we discovered Amberdata. Now we think about to switch from our own implementation to a more generic Platform like Amberdata. In this project we want to show how connect different Blockchains to an IoT Platform like Node-Red.

Project Details:

Blog: https://medium.com/@blockchainfirst/integrate-blockchain-transactions-with-anything-by-use-of-amberdata-api-node-red-and-a-blocklet-f2cd4248f3a8
Github: https://github.com/blockchainfirst/amberdata-node-red-blocklet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blockchainfirst


The inspiration for this hack was to use a DeFi usecase of generating a portfolio of tokens which are a combination of high risk, low risk and utility coins to generate a fixed interest on a loan depending upon risk profile chosen by the user. I have used the market APIs and token historical APIs on a flask container application which serves data to a frontend Android app. The web3 app generates a wallet which provides an end to end example of using Amberdata endpoint to solve a DeFi use case.

Project Details:

Blog: https://medium.com/@vijayengineer/wager-a-stablecoin-and-a-defi-portfolio-manager-2bc41eafc4e
Github: https://github.com/vijayengineer/wAgEr

Prediction and Betting dApp of Token Price

Using Amberdata.io and ChainLink Oracle for Prediction and Betting dApp. Token Price is a decentrailized application which is created by Amberdata.io and Chainlink Oracle. Prediction and Betting dApp of Token Price works on Ropsten Testnet right now. In this dApp, users predict token price of MKR token. Token address of MKR: “0x9f8F72aA9304c8B593d555F12eF6589cC3A579A2”. Metrics of MKR (You can check latest token price here) https://amberdata.io/addresses/0x9f8f72aa9304c8b593d555f12ef6589cc3a579a2/metrics

Project Details:

Blog: https://medium.com/@masanoriuno_75621/prediction-and-betting-dapp-of-token-price-by-using-amberdata-io-and-chainlink-1c0b45490ebc
Github: https://github.com/masaun/amberdata-prediction-and-betting-dApp-of-token-price


Python port of web3data-js — 100% test coverage — fully documented based on API reference — all chains mentioned in API reference supported — all REST endpoints are supported — easy to extend, even easier to maintain (personal goal of hackathon was to build sustainable package instead of one-time hacky solution) — helpful links to the published package’s PyPI page, documentation, CI logs, etc. can be found via the repository badges.
Goal: Make the Amberdata API easily consumable by Python users across the blockchain ecosystem.

Project Details:

Blog: https://dmuhs.blog/2020/03/15/web3-api-python/
Github: https://github.com/dmuhs/web3data-py
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lethalspoons


How Amberdata APIs can be used in a cloud-native Java application. Part of the discussion focuses on OpenAPI definitions which is quite common in the industry but seems to be missing from Amberdata. Having such a definition could be useful for consumption of the API in many different languages and libraries/frameworks through generation of client stubs. The blog post shows an example of how this can be done with Amberdata Web3api using a Java programming framework as an example.

Project Details:

Blog: https://medium.com/@ericglau/interacting-with-blockchain-rest-apis-in-cloud-native-java-70cdbfeb88b1
Github: https://github.com/ericglau/restclient-web3api
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericglau

Ethereum Block Tracker

The application displays information about the latest block mined on the Ethereum mainnet. Amberdata’s web3data makes this task easy by listening to a websocket block event.

Project Details:

Blog: https://medium.com/@tedjack.com/easy-way-to-add-amberdata-io-apis-in-your-project-7791c60cb522
Github: https://github.com/TedNIVAN/ETHEREUM_BLOCK_TRACKER


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